Enterprise Solutions

Your preferred enterprise solution expert in the constantly evolving FinTech industry

The Enterprise arm of our business specialises in building “Everything Fintech”. What separates us from the rest is our superiority when it comes to technology and how we deliver it. ‘We are champions at the Tech in Fintech.’

We have a consultative approach to customer engagement wherein we conceptualise, develop and manage Fintech solutions end to end.  

  1. Product and Project Management

  2. Development

  3. QA Testing

  4. Sustainable Engineering

  5. Implementation Upgrade

Our Expertise

Product and Project management expertise including Architecture and Design

Development teams, Integration with internal systems and third party service providers

Automation Testing, Frameworks, On-Demand Performance Testing & System Validation

Release Management, Configuration Management, Product Release

Agile Development for Accelerated Delivery & Automation

Our Offerings

Customizable products to suit the needs of your Enterprise. Our offerings are built via a consultative approach to deliver the solution you desire.

White Labelled Wallet Platform.

A Robust payments platform which is industry agnostic, scalable and can be customised based on your requirements. Currently deployed across Future Group.

The platform offers a variety of integration options ensuring seamless connectivity and creating synergy benefits across your business operations.  

  • Portals
  • Data Migration
  • POS Integration
  • Notifications
  • Financial Postings
  • Mobile App
  • Customer Identity
  • Payments
  • Core Wallet
  • Third party Integrations

Customized Voucher Generation Platform.

Our Platform, Your Ecosystem. A solution for all businesses.

You can purchase this product as an out of the box solution or customised to suit your requirements. An all-encompassing system with core workflows in-built for end to end voucher generation and redemption.

  • POS integration
  • Financial system integration
  • Online integration
  • Third Party Integration

White labelled Merchant Acquiring Solution.

A low cost merchant acquisition solution to facilitate easy and convenient receipt of payments. Our products include a Merchant Android Application, Desktop Application and a Web Application. Currently deployed across Edenred merchants.

  • NFC
  • QR Codes
  • Payment Tracking
  • Analytics

Our Clients

We cater to both domestic and international clients providing Fintech solutions and expertise to build out their vision.

Built for Future group Brands


India’s 2nd largest retailer with a user base of 16 million users processing approximately 100,000 transactions daily

Platform Build and Upgrades

The Future Pay web and mobile application was built from ground up by the LivQuik Team. Ongoing upgrades and maintenance are part of the service offering.

Fintech Expertise

While building and integrating the platform with varied partners, LivQuik provides expertise within the payments domain looking for synergies along the way with a customer first focus. 

Communications Module

Built a customised communications module to facilitate customer engagement, marketing and timely delivery of information to users.  

Tax Saving Meal CArd


Edenred is a French company specialising in transactional solutions for companies, employees and merchants. Edenred was seeking a mobile payments technology platform for it’s Ticket Restaurant Meal voucher business in India 

White labelled QuikWallet Network Solution

Easy Integration with Partners to digitise Meal Vouchers

Manage all Mobile App Development and Maintenance for Edenred India

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